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Textured Soy Protein

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Textured Soya Protein is obtained by extrusion of Non GMO Defatted Soya Flour. It is a natural product which does not contain additives and preservatives.


20 kg multiwall paper bags/20 kg HDPE bags with inner liner.


In original, unopened packaging under recommended storage conditions – 12 months. Store in cool (approx 24°C) and dry place (60% relative humudity) free from toxic chemicals, insects and rodent infestation.


Parameter Specifications
Physical and chemical standards
AppearanceFree flowing granules
FlavourTypical of textured soya protein, free from off or objectionable flavour
Moisture8.0% maximum
Protein (dry basis)56.0% (Nx6.25)
Fat1.0% maximum
Total ash6.5% maximum
Crude fibre3.0% maximum
Acid Insoluble Ash0.3% maximum
Microbiological standards
Total plate count20000/gm maximum
Coliforms10/gm maximum
E ColiAbsent / gm
SalmonellaAbsent / 25 gm
Particle size
  • "90% (+/-5%) between 2-4 mm
  • 90% (+/-5%) between 3-5 mm"


  • Soups, sauces, hamburgers as protein enricher.
  • Sausages and meat balls as meat extenders.
  • School lunch programme as low fat content replacement of meat in the food.