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Special Sugars

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Makendi Special Sugars have 17 different types of special unrefined sugars, each crafted into valuable ingredients for both household and industrial usage. Not all sugars are the same. Instead of refining out you can lock-in the natural elements of sugar cane juice while providing all the quality and food safety assurances required by the consumer. Being in the unrefined state, the products are more natural and wholesome, retaining the freshness of sugar cane juice through a complex and delicate blend of flavours and tastes that are typical of the sugar cane plant, while exhibiting a pallet of colours and shininess that enhance their attractiveness to the eyes. Many agro-industrial ventures will thus privilege the use of these sugars as ingredients for enhancing the health status, wholesomeness and added value of their finished food products. In the same vein, the specialty sugars are at the cutting-edge of new product research and development as they contain more nutrition and trace minerals compared to refined sugars. They are used by major manufacturers in a variety of food products including cereals, dairy products, dry baking mixes, beverages, preserves and jellies, ethnic cuisine, snacks, cookies and baby foods.


Raw sugar in one 20ft containers stuffed with 25mt or 500 bags of 50kg net weight each.


Controlled environment and conditions enhance the performance of this product in storage. A cool, dry environment is the recommended storage condition for Granulated Sugar. Sugar stored for extended periods should be evaluated periodically for fitness of use.


Specifications differ for each type of specials sugars. The following is ideal for sweetening coffee and as a crunchy topping for cakes as well as fruits.



Polarisation value (% Sucrose)

98.30-99.00 °Z

Moisture (%)

0.21 – 0.35

Conductivity Ash (%)

0.30 max

Colour (I.U)


Mean Aperture (mm):

0.90 – 1.20

Coefficient of Variation (%):

20.0 – 30.0


  • As a natural sweetener

    in tea, coffee, fresh fruits, cereals.

  • As natural ingredients in the manufacture of a broadening product range

    Muesli production, jam, health food bars, toffees, confectionery, wine making, chutneys, pickles, sauces, convenience food, topping on ice-cream, etc.

  • As natural ingredients in the baking industry

    Fruit cakes, ginger bread, rich cakes, puddings, biscuit making

  • In the Retail & Catering industry

    Major distribution chains coffee shops, restaurants