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Maltodextrin is a low DE value product made from starch through low hydrolysis by adding acid or enzyme.


Net 25 kg kraft paper bags. 17 mt/FCL 20ft container.


24 months.


Sense Index
Item Standard
MD100 MD150 MD200
Appearance White powder with yellowish shadow, no irregular shape, no visible impurities by naked eyes
Smell With the flavor of maltodextrin
Taste Sweetish or not, no odor smell
Physics Index
Item Index
MD100 MD150 MD200
DE value ≤10% ≤15% ≤20%
Moisture ≤6%
Solubility ≥98%
PH value 4.5-6.5
Sulphate Ash ≤0.6%
Iodine test Negative
Hygiene Index
Item Index
MD100 MD150 MD200
Pb (Pb+) ≤0.5mg/kg
As (As-) ≤0.5mg/kg
Coliform (N) ≤30mpn/100g
Total bacteria (N) ≤3000 cfu/g
Pathogens (salmonella) Negative


  • Lower DE value maltodextrin can easily become gelatin in solution which tastes similar to oil. So it can find use in high oil content food, such as ice cream, fresh milk cake replacing part of oil to lower food heat and avoid taste change.
  • Maltodextrin has very good carrier function and fluidity without starch abnormal odor and does not cover other original tastes and fragrances so it can find use in many kinds of powder flavors, cosmetics.
  • Maltodextrin also has very good coverage, sorption and viscosity so it can be used in surface coating of copper plate paper and can also find use in pharmaceutical industry.