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Gelatin Powder

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  • Food Grade Gelatin
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin
  • Technical Gelatin


25kg kraft paper bag or woven poly bag; inner package is plastic water-proof bag. 17MT-20MT/20”FCL without pallets. 14MT-16MT/20”FCL with pallets.


5 years.


Parameter Specifications
Food Grade Gelatin
Coagulability80-250g all specification or Engler’s viscosity 5-180E
Made from animal fresh skin
Phramaceutical Grade Gelatin
Coagulability100-250g all specification
Technical Grade Gelatin
Viscosity4-100E all specification or (12.5% solution)


  • Food: Gelatin usually is used in desserts; confectionary, ice cream, frozen products, chilled daily products, meat products, yogurt, dairy products, bean vermicelli, beverage clarification, styptic sponge and so on.
  • Pharmacy: The use of gelatin in the manufacture of various pharmaceutical dosage forms dates back to the early 19th century and possibly earlier. Today, the commonly recognized dosage forms using gelatin are two-piece hard capsules, soft elastic capsules (Softgels), tableting, tablet coating, granulation, encapsulation and micro-encapsulation.
  • Technical: Technical gelatins are used in the warp sizing of rayon and acetate yarns. The gelatin size adds strength to the warp and resistance to abrasion so that breakage of the warp is minimized. Gelatin is particularly well suited for this application because of its excellent solubility and film strength. It is applied in aqueous solution along with penetrating oils, plasticizers and antifoam agents before weaving, and later removed during finishing by washing with warm water.