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Cocoa Butter

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Cocoa Butter is the fat of the cocoa bean, extracted by hydraulic pressure from the cocoa mass. It is a Pure Prime Pressure (PPP) butter, thus maintaining all its crystallization properties and the natural low fatty acid content of selected cocoa beans. It provides texture to chocolate products without effecting the color and flavor of the products.

Divided by process:

  • PPP Natural Cocoa Butter
  • PPP Deodorized Cocoa Butter: This product is fully deodorized so it will not affect the color andflavor of your cocoa liquor but simply provide your chocolate with the best possible texture.


25 kg carton. 800 carton or 20MT=1x20”FCL.


24 months.


Parameter Specifications
AppearanceAs per standard
FlavorAs per standard
Free Fatty Acid (%)1.75 max
Moisture (%)0.20 max
Iodine Value33-42
Peroxide Value4.0 max.
Saponification Value188-198
Unsaponification Matter (%)0.35 max.
Melting Point (°C)31-35
Refractive Index1.456-1.459


This product is often used as a major ingredient in all types of chocolates (white chocolate, milk chocolate, but also dark chocolate).