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CBR (Cocoa Butter Replacer)

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This is a non-lauric Cocoa Butter Replacer (CBR) and specially formulated to meet the needs of confectionery manufacturers for steep melting fats that have good flavour release properties and can tolerate up to 20% level of cocoa butter in the fat phase. This is a non-GMO product. CBR based coatings do not need tempering, even though they may contain up to 20% cocoa butter. It also has good compatibility with other non-lauric fats, and exhibits good gloss retention. The mouthfeel and hardness of coatings containing CBRs can be adapted to specific requirements without soapy taste development during processing. It also contributes toward good eating qualities with good processing performance.


Available in 20kg or 25kg cartons with PE liners.


Shelf life 12 months from date of manufacture, provided, product is stored in original unopen packing in a cool, dry and odour free area with ambient temperature not above 20°C and below 60% relative humidity.


Parameter Specifications
Contains trans fatty acidsConsistent quality
Longer shelf lifeResistance to blooming
All round coating fat for a wide product rangeGood retention of chocolate flavours
Very good gloss and gloss retentionModerate cocoa butter compatibility
Lower raw material cost and stable prices throughout the yearTime reduction on conching process


It is an ideal non-lauric fat for enrobing and moulding products.